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Wacker Neuson’s successful excavator delivery ceremony in Changchun

Changchun, China, 20 March 2017 , ten six-ton and two eight-ton excavators provided by Wacker Neuson, the leading international manufacturer of light and compact construction equipment, were successfully delivered during the ceremony held in Jilin, Changchun. These excavators will be used in Changchun's reconstruction of the old city underground pipe network, exploiting its high efficiency, flexibility and safety to achieve twice of the excavation results with half the effort, helping the urban reveal a new look and supporting the urban construction and economic development of the three provinces in Northeast China.

The three provinces in the Northeast of China act as an important window for opening up the "Belt and Road" strategy in the North, ushering in new development opportunities. In order to speed up the construction of a modern city, Changchun launched a project to comprehensively renovate the old city. This time, the six-ton and eight-ton compact excavators provided by Wacker Neuson will showcase their capabilities in the old city underground pipe network transformation project, helping to complete the replacement of the old high-risk pipeline and enhancing the city's operational safety and security capabilities and the quality of life of the people.

The President of Wacker Neuson for the Greater China region, David Wei, stated: "Wacker Neuson places a great importance on the China market and customer needs and is committed to long-term development in China, working together with Chinese customers to create a better future. We are very honored to participate in the reconstruction of the old city of Changchun, using advanced excavator equipment, specialized technology and perfect service to assist in the economic development of the three Northeastern provinces. This is a recognition of high product quality as well as perfect service, and even more an confirmation of the German brand's reputation and comprehensive strength.”

Wacker Neuson compact excavators are known as “All it takes” in Europe. Their quality has long been tested in the European and United States markets and this time Wacker Neuson's six-ton and eight-ton excavators stand out from competitors with even more powerful driving force, maneuverability and operational flexibility, thereby becoming an effective helper in the reconstruction of the old city. Its small size ,compact structure with zero tail design minimizes the radius of rotation. It can even be flexible in the narrow, complex construction sites of the old city, which enables greatest preservation of the original buildings and facilities. It is easy to operate, powerful and can help the operator to complete excavation work smoothly and quickly, improving work efficiency, while reducing fuel consumption. Its energy efficiency, safety and reliability fulfill customers' real needs.

Besides credible quality assurance, Wacker Neuson also provides a comprehensive range of supporting services to address any customer concerns. The fast and convenient after-sales services, including maintenance and repair, and the established spare part supply chain can minimize work stoppages resulting from construction failures, thereby reducing customer maintenance costs. In addition, reassuring financial support greatly facilitates successful transactions between the customer and Wacker Neuson.

Changchun's urban renovation project is a demonstration of China's urban construction and development. Following the wave of large scale infrastructure construction over the past few years, the era of maintenance has arrived for the Chinese market. A major focus for future construction work will be on rebuilding and infrastructure maintenance, etc, which will also give compact excavators a bright future. Compared with medium and large excavators, compact excavators not only complete the task safely, efficiently and flexibly, but also reduce the impact of the surrounding environment. Moreover, initial investment ,as well as manpower and fuel cost are lower. They are the ideal choice for maintenance work and are attracting more and more attention from the market and from customers.

As the leading brand in the field of compact construction machinery, Wacker Neuson accurately comprehends and has grasped the needs of the Chinese market, constantly producing break through innovation and adjusting localization development strategy, pro-actively preparing for the arrival of the maintenance era. Wacker Neuson's China factory, which was established in Pinghu, Zhejiang, will further expand localized production lines to be more in line with Chinese market , the construction needs and operating habits of Chinese customers. To make comprehensive improvements for service support and responsiveness in order to create greater value for customers. All of this will help Wacker Neuson win further recognition and trust amongst Chinese customers in the Chinese market.