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Wacker Neuson PT6LT trash pumps removed water from roads after floods in Xiangyang, Hubei Province

On May 7, 2016, the city Xiangyang in China in the Hubei Province, was flooded after heavy rain. The maximum rainfall was recorded with 89 mm. The overflow of various culverts at various main roads caused extensive floods, the deepest part of which reached 2.5 m. During the afternoon, the Urban Construction Commission quickly launched a flood control plan, so that six emergency rescue teams had to immediately start operating at the most serious sites. Ten Wacker Neuson PT6LT trash pumps were deployed to remove the water and to deal with the mud created during the drainage process. The immediate reaction helped to minimize the delay in citizens' travel schedules due to the bad weather.

The incident occurred in the culverts on the railway line, where the topography is relatively small, so large-scale pumping devices cannot reach the deepest culvert areas quickly enough. In addition, the incident happened on a main road, which could cause serious problems to urban transport and public travel. Emergency rescue teams therefore have to use high-power pumps for rapid pumping. Cases like this are where the Wacker Neuson PT6LT trash pump comes into play. Compared to other big pumps, the size of the PT6LT trash pump is relatively small, so it can be moved quickly and flexibly to the deepest ponding areas. This trash pump might seem small, but it is equipped with an engine with a maximum output power of up to 18 kW. The pumps can work in an efficient and effective manner, even during heavy rain!

After the PT6LT arrived, the whole process of mounting, connecting the pipes, pumping and draining was completed in about 1 hour. Solid particles of 5 cm in diameter can be easily fed through the 6-inch inlet and outlet, meaning that the PT6LT can handle a mix of soil and muddy water. The PT6LT trash pump can be used in continuous operation without any downtime – it even continues to run during refueling. This feature saved precious time for the rescue teams; the ponding problems were resolved on the same day and traffic was gradually and smoothly restored.

During this rescue operation, technical service engineers and sales engineers from Wacker Neuson, as well as local dealers, strived to provide volunteer services and were actively involved. The road rescue work in Xiangyang was completed in an effective manner.